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The purpose of this website and the people behind this site.

The #1 Scrabble Word Finder on the Web!

It helps you solve scrabble, learn new words and have fun while playing many word games like that. It has been more than seven years, when this website was launched (year 2013) as my side project. Fast forward to 2020, millions of users are using this website each month to learn new words, improve their english vocabulary, use it as a reference for word games and to cheat on their opponent as well :-). It totally depends on you, use it as you like.

If you have any question, suggestion or feedback, let me know. I constantly make improvements to this website, based on the suggestions received by you. If you've something in mind, please send me an email here: hello [at] scrabblewordfinder.org

Note : This website depends on ads for revenue. If you use ad blocker please consider disabling that for this site. I try to keep the number of ads as low as possible while keep the ad quality high. And most importantly, it is displayed in way that it won't not hamper the user experience.

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Keep learning, have fun :-)

Thank you! for visiting my website.

Ramesh Jha