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Valid in these dictionaries

  • TWL/NWL (Scrabble US / Canada / Thailand)
  • SOWPODS/CSW (Scrabble UK / International)
  • ENABLE (Words with Friends)

Meaning of crisp

1 definition found

From WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006) [wn]:

      adj 1: (of something seen or heard) clearly defined; "a sharp
             photographic image"; "the sharp crack of a twig"; "the
             crisp snap of dry leaves underfoot" [syn: {crisp},
      2: tender and brittle; "crisp potato chips" [syn: {crisp},
      3: pleasantly cold and invigorating; "crisp clear nights and
         frosty mornings"; "a nipping wind"; "a nippy fall day";
         "snappy weather" [syn: {crisp}, {frosty}, {nipping}, {nippy},
      4: pleasingly firm and fresh; "crisp lettuce"
      5: (of hair) in small tight curls [syn: {crisp}, {frizzly},
         {frizzy}, {kinky}, {nappy}]
      6: brief and to the point; effectively cut short; "a crisp
         retort"; "a response so curt as to be almost rude"; "the
         laconic reply; `yes'"; "short and terse and easy to
         understand" [syn: {crisp}, {curt}, {laconic}, {terse}]
      n 1: a thin crisp slice of potato fried in deep fat [syn:
           {chip}, {crisp}, {potato chip}, {Saratoga chip}]
      v 1: make wrinkles or creases on a smooth surface; make a
           pressed, folded or wrinkled line in; "The dress got
           wrinkled"; "crease the paper like this to make a crane"
           [syn: {wrinkle}, {ruckle}, {crease}, {crinkle}, {scrunch},
           {scrunch up}, {crisp}]
      2: make brown and crisp by heating; "toast bread"; "crisp
         potatoes" [syn: {crispen}, {toast}, {crisp}]

WordNet ® Princeton University.

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