Word Games for Kids

Word games can be an exciting way for children to learn through play throughout their development. Young children could benefit from learning fundamental reading, writing, and spelling skills to complement their schoolwork while discovering that words are fun and not just for good grades. Solving word puzzle games also help them build their vocabulary.

This article will explore games that children will love with a mix of educational, social, and entertainment value.

Word Puzzle Books

You can buy excellent puzzle books that include everything from Word searches to Hangman, and they will be sure to keep your kids occupied in a creative environment.

Mad Libs

Mad Libs books are a fun way to get your children thinking of different types of nouns, adjectives, types of objects, and more. Simply use a pen or pencil to fill in the blanks of the mad libs books to create unique and exciting stories, phrases, and more.

Mad Libs also comes in the flavor of a card game, where players in groups of more than 3 have a selection of cards and must use the words they have on those cards to complete a sentence. Each player then votes on which of those cards is the best, and the winner gets the point. It's usually first to three points, and you cannot vote for yourself.


Hangman is a word association game that involves guessing a word based on a visual hint and a category. This game is ideal for youngsters learning new words, practicing spelling, and associating words to categories and images. Hangman can be played alone or alongside friends and is found in various formats, including hangman puzzle books, apps, and on the web.

Once players know the category and have seen the hint, they take turns guessing which letters could be missing, and when one is guessed correctly, the chosen letter is revealed in all instances across the word. Players get five wrong guesses until the man is completed and the game is over.

Imagination Games

Sometimes we just don't have a word search, tablet or mobile device, or even a board game in front of us to play. That's ok; we all enjoy using our imagination from time to time. Think about having your child play these fun, imagination-based games next time they're complaining about boredom.

I Spy

I Spy is a game most of us know and love, which made long car journeys or waits at the airport a little less boring.

Players take turns spying objects around their vicinity and giving other players the first letter, usually in the way of "I spy with my little eye, something beginning with _".

Players take turns to guess the object until someone gets it right, and then it's their turn to spy. Players can give hints and clues towards what the word they spied could be at their own discretion.

Simple Word Association Games

Word Association is one of the best ways to activate your child's essential memory function and expand vocabulary. Word association comes in many forms and can be played alone or with friends.

Players take turns rhyming words, saying words with things in common, words related to a certain topic or subject, or even more complicated topics such as synonyms.

Printable Games

Devices are a great way to keep our kids entertained, but sometimes too much screen time is harmful to everyone. Try printing these games out and have your kids complete them on paper instead!


Word Search

A classic word search can alleviate boredom and provide a basis for learning the vocabulary or jargon for a new hobby or skill or even offer a friendly competition for children.

Word searches are available across many formats, you will even be able to create your own printable word search in a matter of minutes.


Word Anagrams

Anagrams are a word formed by rearranging a set of letters, either at random or derived from another word. Anagrams are useful for getting children to use their heads and become creative when it comes to words.

Anagrams can be presented with a clue or have blank letters for added difficulty. Parents can make anagrams for their kids by scrambling random letters with hints or through various puzzle books available to buy online.


Wordle is a simple and easy to play word puzzle where you have to guess the word in six steps, by using the hints provided. The original Wordle has only five letter words and you can only play once everyday, but the wordle alternatives has many interesting features and flavours that a kid may like. To solve the daily wordle, you need to know a plenty of five letter words (most common).

Mobile App: Words with Friends

Words with Friends is a scrabble-type board and tile game, where players place words on the board according to the tiles they have. You may also use our Words with Friends helper as a tool while playing with the kids, help them learn new words on their own.

If you have heard of Scrabble, but your children have difficulty with the game's stricter rules, then Words with Friends might be a good fit. The more lenient rules and unlimited opportunities to play a valid word means they can have a little more fun and try being a bit more creative.

Words with Friends is available on the various app stores on mobile devices and should be played under supervision from a responsible person, as online interactions with strangers can occur.

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Published on 28 Oct 2021
Updated on 19 Aug 2022

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