Four Letter Scrabble Words

List of high scoring 4 letter words for Scrabble game!

Learning new words is the best way to improve your long-term Scrabble game, and each of the 29 words listed below is sure to make a statement when you play them. We have selected intriguing words that you may not immediately think of playing that are also high-scoring and worthwhile.

We have provided the definitions for each of these words, as well as an example of how you can use the four-letter word in a sentence. Some are a little more obvious than others, but gems such as chez, phiz, or futz may just save you when you're in a word bind and need to use that 'Z'!

Do you find these word games too challenging? You can read some tips on Scrabble or the rules for Words with Friends, which isn’t much different from Scrabble.


Fuzz (25)

Fuzz is a fluffy or frizzy mass of fiber or hair.

"Her hair was a fuzz."

Fuzz is also English slang for the police.

"He was running from the Fuzz."

Fizz (25)

Fizz is the escaping of gas from an aqueous solution, known as effervescence, which causes a foaming and hissing sound.

"The soda was left out all day and lost its fizz"

Jeez (20)

Jeez is an informal exclamation, which expresses mild annoyance or surprise.

"Jeez, that was quick."

"Jeez, did you have to take this route?"

Chez (18)

A preposition meaning home of, originating from Old French chiese and often spoken in a humorous manner.

"Welcome to chez Lee."

Cozy (18)

The feeling of comfort, relaxation, and warmth. It is also used to describe a soft piece of material intended to keep something insulated, such as a teapot, egg, or beer.

"The home looked cozy after the tree was decorated."

"The tea cozy kept the pot warm and made it safer to handle!"

Juju (18)

Juju is a spiritual belief held in parts of West Africa, especially in Nigeria, Cameroon, and Ghana. It has also been applied to African religions. It is often associated with amulets and magic spells.

"He enchanted the amulet with Juju magic."

Phiz (18)

An obsolete term for one's face or facial expression.

"I saw his phiz through the windowpane."

Jack (17)

A jack is a device for lifting heavy objects with mechanical assistance, commonly used in raising car axels off the ground for wheel replacements or the inspection of the car's underside.

"He raised the car off of the ground using a heavy-duty jack."

A jack is also a card in a standard deck of cards, usually representing a soldier or page, which ranks above a 10 and below a queen.

"He had a pair of jacks."

Jock (17)

An uncommon informal noun referring to a disc jockey or DJ.

"The jock had the crowd going wild."

Someone who is enthusiastic or a participant in an activity, such as a sport.

"A baseball jock."

Jivy (17)

Something jazzy and lively.

"The party was really jivy."

Zerk (17)

A mechanical fitting with an opening for grease to be inserted for mechanical joints that need lubricating periodically.

"He greased the joint via the zerk."

Zonk (17)

An informal verb meaning to fall asleep or lose consciousness suddenly.

"Sometimes I zonk out on the table over dinner."

Zouk (17)

Popular music with Caribbean and Western elements and influences that have a fast and heavy beat.

"The zouk musical movement garnered much influence."

Yutz (16)

A yutz is someone who is generally thought to be foolish, disagreeable, stupid, or ineffectual.

"She thought he was a yutz and decided against his advice."

Sizy (16)

Thick or vicious.

"The sizy monster towered over us, bearing its teeth."

Pixy (16)

Another word for a pixie, a supernatural humanoid creature that is present in children's stories and legends. Typically small with elf-like ears and pointed hats.

"The pixy lived in a small hidey-hole in the tree."

Quey (16)

British English slang referring to a young cow.

"A field of quey."

Oozy (16)

Containing, resembling, or composed of ooze, or slimy.

"The hand gel had an oozy texture."

Haze (16)

An obscuration in the atmosphere, often caused by fine particles such as dust and smoke, affecting the clarity of the sky.

"The city was covered in a musky haze."

A state of mental confusion or obscurity.

"Her mind was in a foggy haze."

Futz (16)

Wasting time aimlessly, frittering time away.

"He wanted to futz around all day."

Boxy (16)

Squarish in shape.

"The boxy car wasn't very aerodynamic."

A cramped space.

"The room had no space for anything else; it was already too boxy."

Putz (15)

An informal noun referring to something that is stupid or worthless.

"The entire academic council saw him as a putz."

Meze (15)

An appetizer in Mediterranean cuisine.

"We sat down to an Italian meze before being served the main course."

Jink (15)

To change direction suddenly and with agility, such as when dodging someone.

"She would always jink away from the oncoming player."

Jamb (15)

The side surface of a doorway, fireplace, or window.

"The table scraped against the door jamb as he hauled it into the house."

Fixt (14)

A slang term for the word 'fixed,' which is something that has been repaired. It is also the simple past tense of the word fix, although this is now obsolete.

"Have you fixt it yet?"

Doux (12)

A French adjective, meaning very sweet wine.

"The wine label read 'doux.'"

Duff (11)

A pudding, usually containing fruit, that is boiled or steamed.

"He wolfed the duff down, as he was so hungry."

Organic matter on a forest floor.

"He stepped through the duff as he traversed the forest."

Published on 19 Aug 2022
Author: Jordan

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