The Ultimate Guide To Winning Boggle With Friends

Boggle. Addicting, entertaining, and challenging, this game is a favorite of many. Like many favorite games, Boggle has made its way into an app: Boggle With Friends, created by mobile game superpower Zynga.

Boggle With Friends will get you hooked with challenges, daily matches, tournaments, and more! At first, you may be overwhelmed playing matches with BWF experts. This guide will help you succeed as a winner in Boggle With Friends.


Zynga uses their matching software to pair you with opponents with a similar skill level as you. This gives you the opportunity to grow, level up, and get used to the game. You can also invite and play with your friends, of course.


Each match has three rounds. Starting a match and playing each round costs 1 coin. Coins automatically refill over time or you can purchase more tokens in-app. The first round has no bonus tiles, but the second two rounds have bonus tiles like double and triple letters and double and triple words. These majorly increase your score.


Power-ups are essential to winning Boggle With Friends. Every round, you can select one free power-up, and use coins to select up to three. There are also mega versions of the power-ups that you can pay for or win through daily or weekly challenges. You can also use up to two of these mega power-ups per round.

Here is a quick description of each power-up:

  • Freeze: Freeze time and give yourself an extra 30 seconds for the regular power-up and an extra minute for the mega power-up
  • Spin: Spin the board for a new perspective to find more words. I find this incredibly useful and use it every round I play. There is only the regular version of the spin power-up.
  • Blaze: Blaze multiplies the points you earn per word for a few seconds. The mega Blaze power-up will multiply your points for a longer duration, giving you a good edge.
  • Vision: Vision reveals 3 words to you at once that are on the board. This pops up and disappears pretty quickly, so you have to remember them and search for them right away.
  • Inspiration: Inspiration reveals some words for you. You’ll find that the regular Inspiration power-up will show you a few short words, usually the same words for many games. You’ll eventually learn to look for them on your own, but they can give you a good head start. The mega Inspiration power-up shows you 8 of the longest words on the board.
Boggle Power-ups

There are plenty of options and combinations of power-ups when playing Boggle With Friends, but I tend to use the same handful of power-ups: freeze, spin, and inspiration. Powerups definitely give you an edge over the competition, which is one downside of the game. It can be tempting to purchase power-ups, but that expense builds up quickly. Beware of the addicting nature of in-app purchases.

Match Of The Day

Every day you’ll have at least 1 daily match. It will be at the top of your ongoing matches menu, highlighted in orange. While playing all matches costs 1 coin, the daily matches don’t. You also get 3 coins if you play your daily matches. This is a great way to meet new opponents and get practice while earning coins to play more matches with more powerups.

Daily Quests

Daily Quests are a board of 4 tasks including the Daily Challenges. The tasks change every day and include things like “Find 15 Words That Contain J, V, X, or Q” and “Find 60 Words in a Round, 4 Times”. Complete all 4 tasks and you get to open a mystery box that contains coins, super powerups, or tickets.

Boggle Daily Quests

Daily Challenge

As a part of your Daily Quests, you will have a Daily Challenge. The boards and rules change every day. Sometimes you have to only find words with highlighted tiles. Sometimes every word is 20 points regardless of length, making the goal of that match to find as many words as possible. Finding a 2 letter word will be worth the same as finding a 10 letter word, so that style of Daily Challenge requires a change of strategy to do well.

If you play the daily challenge, you’ll get points towards your Daily Quests and you get to open an additional mystery box that contains coins, super powerups, or tickets. You’ll also rank on a leaderboard with all the other scores from that day’s Challenge.

If you complete the Daily Challenge every day for a week, you get an extra prize at the end of that week!


As you begin to play Boggle With Friends more and more, you’ll occasionally receive pink tickets and likely ask yourself what the heck you can do with them.

There are two options on how to spend your tickets. You can trade them in for stickers that are absolutely useless. You can also use them to play in tournaments.

Tournaments are multi-round matches with many players that play against each other in brackets. There are different levels of tournaments with different rules. The prizes for winning tournaments are more tickets, but there is also another system of levels and XP which will earn you valuable prizes like mega power-ups and coins.


The most important strategy to winning Boggle With Friends is practice! It sounds obvious, but it’s true. When you come across a seemingly unbeatable opponent, you’ll notice they’re at an incredibly high level. That’s because they play a lot! As you continue to play, you’ll get better and faster, and soon you’ll be the unbeatable opponent!

If you want more a more specific strategy guide, check out this article on boggle strategy.

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Published on 02 June 2021
Author: Olivia Pasquarelli

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