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Valid in these dictionaries

  • TWL/NWL (Scrabble US / Canada / Thailand)
  • SOWPODS/CSW (Scrabble UK / International)
  • ENABLE (Words with Friends)

Meaning of lee

1 definition found

From WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006) [wn]:

      adj 1: towards the side away from the wind [syn: {downwind},
      n 1: United States filmmaker whose works explore the richness of
           black culture in America (born in 1957) [syn: {Lee}, {Spike
           Lee}, {Shelton Jackson Lee}]
      2: United States striptease artist who became famous on Broadway
         in the 1930s (1914-1970) [syn: {Lee}, {Gypsy Rose Lee}, {Rose
         Louise Hovick}]
      3: United States actor who was an expert in kung fu and starred
         in martial arts films (1941-1973) [syn: {Lee}, {Bruce Lee},
         {Lee Yuen Kam}]
      4: United States physicist (born in China) who collaborated with
         Yang Chen Ning in disproving the principle of conservation of
         parity (born in 1926) [syn: {Lee}, {Tsung Dao Lee}]
      5: leader of the American Revolution who proposed the resolution
         calling for independence of the American Colonies (1732-1794)
         [syn: {Lee}, {Richard Henry Lee}]
      6: soldier of the American Revolution (1756-1818) [syn: {Lee},
         {Henry Lee}, {Lighthorse Harry Lee}]
      7: American general who led the Confederate Armies in the
         American Civil War (1807-1870) [syn: {Lee}, {Robert E. Lee},
         {Robert Edward Lee}]
      8: the side of something that is sheltered from the wind [syn:
         {lee}, {lee side}, {leeward}] [ant: {windward}]

WordNet ® Princeton University.

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