Scrabble Tips

Few scrabble tips for beginners!

#1. Learn two letter words!

Two letter words are powerful, it contains highest scoring letters. So, you should learn all the two letter words. Some of the high scoring words are : qi, zo, za, ox, ax, xi, ya, ye etc. Check out all the two letter words.

#2. Aim for Rack balance!

Think ahead and aim for creating a balance between the no of vowels and consonants. The ideal ratio is 4 consonant to 3 vowels.

#3. Append suffixes such as ish!

Adding suffixes such as ish to the end of existing words can yield good scoring words such as blackish, bitterish, childish etc.

#4. Add prefixes!

Adding prefixes to the existing words can also help you a lot. e.g using anti prefix : antiknock, antinatural, antitoxic etc. Another example using prefix im : imperfection, immutable etc.

#5. Focus on bingos!

Bingos (using all your tiles once) can help you score fast. So, plan ahead for bingo. Use s, blank tiles etc carefully and save it for bingos.

#6. Be careful with Q!

Q is the worst tile (don't get fooled by the BIG 10) to make words with. Better learn those words ahead : Scrabble Words with Q but no U. Also check out Scrabble words with Q but no E.

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